Resources for Parents

When it comes to their future and career opportunities parents want the best for their children and so does AAG. The AAG AUTOMOTIVE APPRENTICESHIP program offers innovative education and mentored apprenticeship training for a career as automotive technician. Today’s automobiles require that technicians be both technologically proficient and mechanically skilled.  In our two-year program, Apprentices earn a wage while they gain on-the-job experience and classroom training.


Benefits of AAG’s Automotive Apprenticeship:

Why Becoming an Automotive Technician Can Be a Great Career Choice?

Simply put, there’s a shortage of qualified Automotive Technicians and it is having a significant impact of the automotive industry.

Automotive Technicians are skilled, well paid and involved in technologically innovative and challenging work. Demand for qualified technicians is growing at a significant rate because dealerships cannot find the skilled workforce they need.

Apprentices earn higher starting salaries than college graduates on average. In 2018, college grads could expect to make an average of $50,390 annually. This figure doesn’t take into consideration the fact that degree holders will end up carrying an average of $39,400 in student debt.  Not only do most apprentices move directly into employment upon program completion, but they largely do so debt-free and are earning while learning.