AAG's Apprenticeship Program: The Key to to Your Future Technician Workforce

 AAG takes the hard work and administration out of recruiting, training and employing apprentices and trainees in your organization.

The Problem

AAG Offers a ‘One Stop Shop’ Integrated Workforce Solution for Dealers & Service Centers

By 2024, the industry will be short approximately 642,000 technicians

0 %
of technicians have considered leaving the industry
0 %
of technicians believe they are experiencing some level of job burnout
0 %
of technicians leave the industry within the first 2 years

The shortage of available qualified Technicians and Advisors is having a significant impact on the profitability of dealerships across the nation. AAG helps forward thinking businesses in the automotive industry thrive by offering a fully turnkey solution that prepares and provides the skilled workforce required to ensure future success and profitability.

We serve as an additional pathway to develop skilled talent for your organization and help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

The AAG Solution

A Fully Turnkey Solution for Recruitment & Training Auto Technicians

AAG manages the full scope of responsibilities from recruiting and hiring to training and education. Our innovative modern apprenticeship model is the key to creating a successful workforce solution.

AAG Takes Care of:

Plus, there are no fees to participate and nothing charged at the end of the program. You only pay a fee for the hours worked by the apprentice in your Service Center.

Why Employ an AAG Apprentice?

AAG Offers a ‘One Stop Shop’ Integrated Workforce Solution for Dealers & Service Centers

Now more than ever, employers need to focus on controlling costs, managing risk and saving time.

Control Your Costs

There are many hidden ‘add-on costs’ when recruiting and employing that can add up to an additional 30% on top of a base pay rate. AAG builds all these factors into a flexible, stress free workforce development solution.

Manage Your Risks

Should you decide an apprentice you selected is not the right fit you can return them to AAG. We only ask for advance notice to find them employment elsewhere. We’ll work to find someone that is a better fit for your organization.

Save Your Time

Think about the time and money your company spends each year on recruitment, interviews, travel, administration, payroll, training, screening, workers comp, and other related employee expense. Let AAG help save you time and money.

Get Started

Employ an AAG Apprentice

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