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Why an AAG Automotive Technician Apprenticeship is a Great Career Choice

When it comes to their future and career opportunities you want the best for their students and so does AAG. The AAG program offers innovative education and mentored apprenticeship training for a career as automotive technician. AAG prepares individuals for the automotive careers of the future through an innovative modern apprenticeship program that is unlike any other in America. Today’s automobiles require that technicians be both technologically proficient and mechanically skilled. In our two-year program, apprentices earn a wage while they gain on-the-job experience and classroom training at No Cost to them. AAG offers career-minded individuals a path to a brighter future.

A Great Need

Why is becoming an Automotive Technician is a great career choice?

Simply put, there’s a shortage of qualified Automotive Technicians and it is having a significant impact of the automotive industry. Automotive Technicians are skilled, well paid and involved in technologically innovative and challenging work. Demand for qualified technicians is growing at a significant rate because dealerships cannot find the skilled workforce they need.

Perks of working with AAG

Benefits of AAG’s Automotive Apprenticeship:

What your student will gain from the AAG program?

Upon completion of the AAG program, apprentices receive a National Certification from the U.S. Department of Labor as an Automotive Technician. In addition to this multi-skilled certification, they are paid during their training and placed in a job. Best of all, apprentices graduate the program with no college tuition debt and they have trade skills that will benefit them for life.

One-On-One Mentored Support

All apprentices in our program benefit from the support of a one-on-one mentor. Mentorship is a cornerstone of the AAG program and a big factor in preparing apprentices for success. It makes sense, since mentoring is a proven method for upskilling workers and improving employee productivity and retention. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the professionals at AAG manage the job placement at franchised dealerships, education, on the job training and mentored support of every apprentice to ensure each apprentice is fully prepared for a long-term career.